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Welcome to smartBARK! Delicious organic chocolate bark!

Made with Smart Ingredients

What makes our chocolate bark smart? We start with organic 70% dark chocolate and mix in smart ingredients such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit. We use whole ingredients which provide the best possible flavor and texture rather than chopped up tiny pieces. Our almonds are dry roasted and our cranberries are sweetened with apple juice. Unlike most chocolate, smartBARK! is soy-free and vegan. Because smartBARK! is certified organic, you can be sure in does not contain GMOs.

So many reasons to feel good about smart snacking!

Fair Trade Certified Ingredients

smartBARK! is made with Fair Trade Certified cocoa (sourced from the Dominican Republic), sugar, vanilla, and quinoa. Your purchase of Fair Trade Certified smartBARK! gives farmers better prices and helps protect fragile ecosystems.

Soy-Free Chocolate

Unlike most chocolate on the market, smartBARK! does not contain any soy! Soy lecithin is used in chocolate as an emulsifier. However, chocolate can be made without it and you can be sure that our tastes amazing without it! Another reason to feel good about smart snacking!

Celebrate Life with Chocolate!


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