Our bark looks delicious, doesn't it?  Wait until you taste it.
Unlike mass produced chocolate barks, smartBARK! is a luxurious, sophisticated chocolate bark. It’s silky smooth and made with handcrafted love in my boutique—Sweet Designs Chocolatier.
When you take a bite you’ll be transported to Europe, where I was born with a passion for chocolate.  And now, after carefully blending and testing many organic and vegan ingredients, I bring these captivating flavors to you. 
I’ve crafted this bark for chocolate lovers who appreciate the fine art of chocolate making... even a small bite will satisfy your soul. 
Remember, celebrate life... with chocolate!


Ines Rehner

Please contact us for more information about smartBARK!


Email: info@smartbarkorganic.com

Phone: 216-226-4888

Celebrate Life with Chocolate!


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